onsdag den 17. juni 2015

a pripyat summer - an urban exploration of the chernobyl exclusion zone

"A Pripyat Summer" is the first of a 2-volume photojournalistic epic documenting Christiansen and Anderson's weirdly insightful urban explorations into the haunted, irradiated, hillbilly shithole that is the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in the northern Ukraine.

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fredag den 22. februar 2013

"Ulden som et får" Video

CD by mail: 150 dkr (incl postage) - write to bestil@forlaget-afart.dk
CD in Copenhagen: Fantask

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onsdag den 2. januar 2013

The Smurques - "Happily Ever Aftermath"

Mabel The Label is proud to herald the release of The Smurques' debut album: "Happily Ever Aftermath" (MTL004) -- a curious, postmodernist doggy-bag of musical stylistic elements, from hand-played jazz and drum & bass, ambient, electronica, reggae and dub, to nashville, rock, and pop vocals.

Produced, arranged and edited by Jah Bozo and Smurques bassist, Jannick Næsted, the album features guitarist, Christian Bluhme, and drummer/percussionist, Pontus Torstensson, with guest vocals by singer-songwriter, Jon Century.